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[Editorial] That Is Why NIS Should Be Reformed

Posted December. 02, 2002 23:01,   


When Presidential election gets over, National Intelligence Service would become a rising issue first. Lee Hoi-chang, presidential candidate of GNP promised big renovation of withdrawal and Roh Moo-hyun of MDP promised to withdraw domestic inspection, therefore, NIS would find it hard to avoid being the target.

It means that work of current government that promoted reformation of NIS has failed. Current government changed motto from `we work in shaded ground and point to bright sight`, which had been for 37 years since inauguration of central intelligence service in 1961, through dept. of security into `information is national power`, however, some NIS concerned repeated deviation from the current line, hiding in shaded ground.

Its failure is seen in places such as `incident of National Assembly 529` that happened one year ago when the current government assumed office. It showed that NIS couldn`t take off the old custom of politics. Also, each gate that had come in to light at the end of regime showed involvement of NIS concerned. Budget for NIS, which is about thousands of billion won, is still in blind spot.

Current government targeted NIS as the first subject of punishment in order to disconnect it from the past. It tried to eliminate stains of previous government by arresting Kwon Young-hae, former chief of NIS and Park Il-ryong, former 1 vice-chief related to `bukpoong` (allegation on secrete deals with North Korea) in 1997 presidential election. However, it added new stain. Close people to president grasped leadership and people from certain region controlled the organization, so, NIS returned as `guard of the regime `not as intelligence service of the people.

Suspicion of wiretapping can be natural outcome of NIS, changing nameplate without improving the reforms. Reformation of NIS is under the wave of public opinion, therefore, `dopoong` can cause big whirl to NIS after presidential elections, like `bukpoong`. Though NIS wiretapped, it is a problem and though NIS couldn`t control wiretap of private institute, it is still a problem. I urge NIS to change before being reformed by other`s hand.