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How To Keep Health with Beans

Posted December. 01, 2002 23:01,   


“In Korea, Cheonggukjang and In Japan, Natdo.”

There is Natdo in Japan, which can be compared to chunggukjang that boils with green onions, Kimchi, pork and fermented beans. Natdo is made by boiled beans which is inoculated Natdo (bacillus) and ripened for 20 hours in 10 degree Celsius after fermenting it for 24 hours in 42~45 degree.

Natdo is made in fermentation facility (incubator) in order to make Natdo bacteria grow well. Therefore, it becomes fermented in the air and has less smell than chunggukjang, which has several germs.

Natdo is becoming popular in Korea as it is analyzed to be efficient in prevention of geriatric diseases.

Doctor Lee Yong-soo of Seoul Natdo research (031-333-9367) who succeeded to make in making Natdo using the technology to abstract Natdo bacteria from domestic rice straw, said, “‘Natdokina’ that has strong thrombus dissolution enzyme is included in Natdo, therefore, it prevents brain blood vessel diseases like brain tumor, and vitamin K which Natdo germ creates strengthens bone.”

Natdo is good △ in preventing heat attack decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol △ preventing aging by anti-oxidation △ preventing osteoporosis as it has plentiful calcium △ and preventing diabetic and fatness as it has much protein.

It is helpful in curing hang over as it has component to disjoint alcohol, too.

In Japan, people eat Natdo mixing it with rice with the yolk of an egg or with soy. And they eat it with their favorite food like raw fish or rolling Gim.

General absorption rate of digesting bean protein is 70%, however, Natdo contains 80~90% because Natdo germ disjoints bean protein to make it easy to absorb.

Doctor Lee said, “Natdokina is weak in heat, therefore, frying or boiling should be avoided and if people eat 100g a day, it is good in preventing geriatric diseases.”

Jin-Han Lee likeday@donga.com