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Al Qaida Might Be Involved… Israel Says “Revenge”

Posted November. 29, 2002 22:56,   


While it is being reported that there is a good chance that the criminal of the chain terror in Kenya happened on the 28th might be Al Qaida, Israel is pledging a strong revenge; therefore, tension is building up in all over the Middle East and East Africa.

In the morning of that day, the terrorists committed a suicide terror by driving a Land Rover loaded with explosives to the Paradise Hotel (owned by an Israelite) in Kikambila Beach, so 15, including 3 Israelites, were killed and 80 were injured. Around same time, other terrorists launched 2 missiles toward a Boeing 757 of Arkia, which took off at the Mombasa Airport with 261 passengers and 10 crewmembers and headed to the Tel Aviv Airport in Israel. Fortunately, the missiles missed the target.

▽ Conduct of ‘Al Qaida?’; The CNN Internet edition reported quoting the Israel Army radio broadcasting that the name of one of three suicide bomb terrorists of Kenya was Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, and it was same as the name of the person who was the most wanted person as an Al Qaida terrorists by the FBI.

CNN also reported that the other suicide bomb terrorists, a Muslim from Kenya, Haide Ali Siam also had a similar name with a person who was wanted as an Al Qaida terrorist. Those two people were prosecuted in relation to the bombing of the US Embassy in Nairobi in 1998. However, the FBI did not comment on these reports.

Prior to this, the Kenyan Ambassador in Israel John Malan Sawe insisted on the 28th that the suicide bomb terror of Kenya was done by Osama Bin Laden`s terror organization, which was known as the wire puller of the bombing of the US Embassy in Nairobi in 1998. However, the correspondent to the US Department of State said that they did not conclude who did this terror, yet.

▽ Israel`s pledge for revenge; The Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who was reelected over the Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the leader of the Israel Administration Recruit Party election, declared on the 29th, “Israelites will not surrender to terror and we will pursue the terrorists who make our citizens bleeding.”

He said at the winning an election press conference, “The Recruit Party will double the military forces,” and “I will lead the country against all odds for next 4 years.”

Even on the 28th, when the election was held, 6 Israelites were additionally killed by shooting and throwing grenades of the Palestinian armed guerillas at the Recruit Party district party chapter election booth in north of Israel, Veitshian.

▽ Confrontation of America; The US President George W. Bush, who was resting at the Crawford Ranch in Texas for Thanksgiving Holiday, said through a statement on the 29th, “I curse the terror attack committed toward Israel and Kenya with the most intensive expression,” and said, “the whole world must cooperate for gauging out the terrorists.”

America, right after the suicide bomb terror of Kenya, immediately dispatched the security personnel of the US Embassy in Nairobi to the pleasure boat, Marcopolo, which was at anchor in Mombasa Beach. The foreign news reported that the US Embassy official pointed out that this pleasure boat, in which 350 American tourists were on board, might be the target of an additional terror.

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