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The 007 Reasons Why the 007 Is Interesting

Posted November. 22, 2002 22:48,   


▽ There is no better character than Bond; Bond provides the fun that the movie-goers expect from a 007 movie. The humors and sarcastic expressions that the cool James Bond spits out even in the life and death situations are hitting the mark.

▽ Bond is keep changed=The movie-goers saw 5 ex-Bonds including Sean Conery followed by Roger Moor, but they each have their favorite Bond. The Star of this movie is not the actor but James Bond himself.

▽ Cool ‘Bond Girls’; Despite of criticism against the Bond Girls, the Bond Girls of the 007 movies continuously illustrated splendidly. The producers cast the Oxford graduated stage actor Judy Dench as the James Bond`s boss ‘M,’ and thoughtfully consider that all the women in the 007 movies are not to be illustrated as sexual objects, so they have kept the ‘splendid Bond Girls strategy’ wisely.

▽ The trademarks only for 007; The theme music, first action scene like a prelude, and the title scene featuring nude models are the trademarks only for the 007 movies.

▽ The 007 movie, a family business; Although it’s earning millions of dollars, it is still produced by a family. The 007 started by Albert Broccoli is being made by the 3rd through the Junior.

▽ A young and new blood makes it; The family who makes the 007 movies is not changed, but they use young writers and directors very well.

▽ The creator of 007 was a genius; The natural gift of Ian Fleming, who wrote the first Bond novel in 1952, was the motive power of the success of Bond. The writers who created a character that became a hero of a movie over generations are counted within ten fingers.

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