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“I do not need to explain the background when I say.”

Posted November. 19, 2002 22:52,   


The US President George W. Bush is famous for not giving a chance to the press for an exclusive interview. The exclusive interview with the October issue of the ‘Runners`

World,’ a magazine for runners, was the only exception recently.

However, he exceptionally allowed 3 exclusive interviews for the last year to the Deputy Editor of the Washington Post Bob Woodward, who was the exclusive reporter of the Watergate Scandal. On August 20th, he invited the Deputy Editor Woodward to his Crawford Ranch in Texas, he talked about his thoughts without hesitation for 2 and a half hours, and took him in his jeep and showed the ranch.

The Deputy Editor Woodward summarized the interview at the 19th issue of the Washington Post before publishing his new book ‘Bush at War.’

▽ Bush`s Diplomatic View Point; The President Bush said that America need to solve not only the strategic problems but also the humanitarian problems.

“I want people to see us as the liberator, not the conqueror.”

He said there was the humanitarian interest in the base of the need to confront Iraq and North Korea.

“People say we must not move quickly because the financial burden is too big to knock down Kim, Jung-Il. But who cares? I don’t believe such assertion. It is the matter whether you believe freedom and worry about the human condition.”

▽ Bush`s theory of the President; “The President must be the calcium of the backbone. If I am weak, the whole team becomes weak. If I bear a doubt, there is a chance for doubt to grow like clouds.”

“I am the Commander-in-Chief. I don’t explain why I say that when I say that. That’s why the President is an interesting job. Maybe, others have needs to explain them to me.”

“The other job of the President is asking questions. Sometimes there are unnecessary questions, but I do not hesitate to ask questions. There is no such thing as a dumb question for me.”

▽ Bush`s theory of the press; “I do not read the editorial of the news paper. I do not watch experts or former colonel`s speaking in broadcasting. All of them are background noise for me.”

However, he realized. Not all people can ignore TV or newspapers like him.

“I saw strong people in the National Security Council (NSC) got influenced by media`s report about them.”

▽ Bush`s power distribution; He saw the former White House Chief of Staff John Sununu flourished strong fist and controlled access to the President while his father George Bush was in the Office as the President, so he knows ‘Access is Power.’ Therefore, he organized the core of the White House with 5 people to prevent one or two people`s monopolizing the power. The 5 people are the Diplomacy and Security Advisor Condoliza Rice, the former Information Director Karen Hughes, the Political Advisor Karl Robe, the Chief of Staff Andrew Cod, and the Spokesperson Erry Flisher. They can meet him anytime.

▽ Laura`s worry; Mrs. Laura Bush joined them at the end of the interview and had a conversation with him. Mrs. Laura worried that the President Bush was using too strong diction against the terrorists.

“Honey, I do not want you to use the expression like ‘bring him dead or alive.’”

“Why not?”(Bush)

“I just don’t like it.”(Laura)

“Why not?”(Bush)

“It just don’t touch my heart. Please use refined expressions, dear.”

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