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America Says, “Bin Laden is Alive.”

Posted November. 19, 2002 22:53,   


America finally confirmed that the ‘Osama Bin Laden`s Anti-Western Message,’ which was aired by the Qatari satellite broadcasting Al Jajira on the 12th, was actually his voice.

Therefore, it has been cleared that Bin Laden was alive despite of the massive bombing and search operations of America against Afghanistan last year.

The New York Times reported that the White House Spokesperson Scott McClairun said on the 18th, “The voice experts of intelligence organizations who analyzed the message are sure that this message is the ‘genuine’ Bin Laden.”

The American Media including the NBC showed the process of confirming the voice.

The CIA and the NSA confirmed it with voice analysts using voice analysis software and all the past audio tapes of Bin Laden and confirmed ‘when Bin Laden dictated the message through the phone from a certain place, they recorded this phone voice.’

Therefore, there was much static in the tape, so they isolated Bin Laden`s voice from the static first.

And then they separated the voice in syllables and analyzed the deepness, tone, accent, and vibration, and confirmed the characteristics of Bin Laden`s voice with some nasal sound.

There also was a question whether someone imitated the voice or edited Bin Laden`s past speaking, but after searching the rhythm and speed of each sentence, they concluded it was ‘natural.’

The American media reported that the Al Qaida POW`s also testified that it was Bin Laden`s voice, and the linguists also confirmed that there was the local feature in Bin Laden`s voice, who was born in Yemen and raised in Saudi Arabia, in this message.

Ki-Tae Kwon kkt@donga.com