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[Opinion] Love Hotels

Posted November. 18, 2002 22:53,   


˝The most rare and strangest institution in the world of animals is monogamy,˝ argued Dr. Tatiany in his recently published book titled `Sex Advice to All the Creatures in the World.` Dr. Olivia Judson also points out that humans, like other creatures, have a propensity for group sex. This is because of the desire for reproduction of their species and of genes, the evolutionary biologist explains. As ova are outnumbered by sperms, humans invented the institution of marriage to address this imbalance, but still keep the tradition of extra-marital affairs.

▷According to UK-based the Observer, more than 4 million of English men and wives are estimated to be indulged in affairs. Of six adults, more than one has cheated their spouses and one of five is believed to have a long-lasting relationship rather than just an affair. In particular, the rich are two times more likely to betray their spouses than working-class people. The data from the country known for gentlemanship is astounding, yet the Observer said that the number was quite underestimated. Ideal marriage and monogamy exist only in our wish, not in reality. Sociobiologists like Dr. Judson note that `it`s because monogamy runs against the human nature.`

▷We have few statistical data to show the trend of extra-marital affairs in this country. We can only assume that the trend is rising fast based on the fact that about a half of couples that filed for divorce last year cited cheating as the reason for the breakup. We cannot just simply say that love hotels are a hotbed of extra-marital affairs, but countries like the U.S. and England are not voicing concern over spread of love hotels. In contrast, we now get used to news reports on love hotels mushrooming across the country. Gangnam area in Seoul is now seeing the emergence of a new breed of love hotels wearing an aura of technology such as `cibertel` and `multimediatel.` The rising number indicates that this is the country that offers little private space for those in love, and the problem has led people to resort to an expediency to vent out their desire.

▷Some say that it is not right to compare humans with beasts and the land of courtesy with western countries. And a commonly-shared idea is that extra-marital affairs cannot be justified. Some others argue, however, that adults too need space for themselves like kids with their playground. If love hotels are built only in limited zones located far from residential areas, the controversy will likely disappear – whether the problem is something about `love` or `hotels.`

Kim Soon-deok, Editorial Writer, yuri@donga.com