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Admiral Lee Soon-shin Talks in Ballet about Human Lee Soon-shin

Admiral Lee Soon-shin Talks in Ballet about Human Lee Soon-shin

Posted November. 15, 2002 22:56,   


Last Sea is on stage until Nov. 19th at the National Theater of Korea by the National Dance Company of Korea. Some might think this is another type of the typical Korean dance. But it is not. It exudes modernity and unprecedentedness.

Two men in their 30s, Yoon Sang-jin (choreography) and Choi Sung-shin (directing) make out men`s dancing full of power and dynamics, which is enough to fascinate the viewers.

What makes the dancing most attractive is the group dancing worked out by some 20 male dancers, highlighting the dynamic and rough features of men`s dancing.

Through the show, the two men succeed in visualizing various images of war by, for example, conjuring up a dance personifying, through human bodies, 80 warships, and making out a woods of swords created by a group of 500 swords. The naval battle attracts attentions with its unique idea. To create it, about 30 dancers dance wearing long boots in the shape of a ship. From time to time 5 Chinese dancers unfold a new aspect of the show by performing ethic dances in China.

This show indicates the last battle of Admiral Lee, wherein he died. Here, Admiral Lee is not depicted as a hero. Rather, the show depicts the soul of a lonely human being fighting in a life-and-death situation throughout three full days as an ordinary person.

Choi Jin-wook and Chong Yoon-yi are cast for the character of Admiral Lee. Both of them won prizes in the Dong A Dance Concours.

Triple casting for "death" expressed in personification. Each of Chang hyun-soo, Kim Mi-ae and Lee Yoon-kyung represents a different color of death.

The climax comes when dancers start to fall in domino while dancing in rows, a scene forming war and death. Starts at 4 p.m. on weekends, and at 7 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays. \10,000 ~ 50,000. For more information, call (02)2274-3507.

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