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"I am Confident. Major Championship within Three Years is My Goal "

"I am Confident. Major Championship within Three Years is My Goal "

Posted November. 11, 2002 22:55,   


“I can proceed at my own pace in playing a golf match with anyone in any situation at the present time.”

`Tank` Choi Kyung-Ju (32· Superior · Taylormade) returned to Korea for a time on November 11. He intended to recover from his fatigue pent up while he was in `severe competition` in USA for the previous one year and to control his condition for Japan PGA Tour Dunlop Phoenix Open to be held in Miyajaki, Japan on November 21. He was thirdly awarded `Maengho Medal` for the Order of Sport Merit as the golfer after Par Seri and Kim Mi-Hyun.

Participating by Tiger Woods, David Duval (USA) and Sergio Garcia (Spain), the tournament is one of best golf championship events in the Asian area for the season.

He said, “I think the pro golfer is kind of a businessman. I already had two championships in Japan Tour in 1999, but I accepted an invitation to test my play in the Japanese market. I will show my changed play.”

-You brought about satisfactory results for the season….

“Frankly speaking, I obtained gratifying results I didn`t expect. However, I was in trouble because of changed environment and unstable atmosphere after winning the championship in Compaq Classic in May. It took 4 months to win two championships from Tampabay Classic in September.

-What is your prospect for the next season?

“I don`t have a special goal yet. If I am involved in the top 50 places for the world ranking and PGA prize-money ranking, I will be satisfied, but the golf fans maybe will disappoint. I won`t speed up as I am doing so far. The major championship within 3 years is my goal. Who know? If I will do such a big win in Masters next year.”

-Fans are interested in how your player is developed in a technical aspect.

“The play systems of Korean and American golf course are totally different. In particular, the Short Game must be perfect. I like my high shot and rounding shot, but my low shot is immature. I felt that such three things must be perfect to be the major level golfer.”

-An effort of the player is important, but a role of supporting team affects the record. Any change in the next season.

“I am satisfied with the support of Superior (main sponsor) and Taylormade (supplies firm). I also like the management of IMG. However, I will change an exclusive caddie. When the player`s competency is improved, the caddie also must be improved.”

-Will you continue to have a coaching from the exclusive coach?

“Actually, I didn`t listen to him until last year. I was stubborn about my play. But, from the early months of the year, his words touched my heart. If I listened to him earlier, I could have the first championship earlier. I used to regret.”

For the latest swing of Mr. Choi, the back swing is small but the impact moment is very rapid and short. It is the reverse of his former play before going to USA.

Choi Kyung-Ju said, “Small back swing brought the good exactness. Instead, because a powerful action from the impact and finish is done, a distance was improved.”

-You suffered from appendicitis at the time of the championship of Tampabay Classic.

“I had trouble physically and mentally at that time. It was the first time that I was myself in a patient cloth. However, I am now free and easy. I don`t have any unfavorable factors. Two-weeks rest after operation seemed to be the factor which brought the good record for the season.”

-What is your impression when you had the match with Woods in the 3rd round of Tour Championship?

“Some of major-level players discriminate people according to their skin color. The player of South Africa never talks with others except the white. I have good impression on Woods. He praised my good shot. He also joked friendly saying `You have a perfect drive shot. I envy you` He was different as expected.”

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