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No One Can Stop Anika Sorenstam

Posted November. 10, 2002 22:52,   


‘The Best’ Anika Sorenstam (32. Sweden) achieved a big record of ‘double digit wins’ third times in the history of the US LPGA Tour.

It was the final third round of the US LPGA Tour Mizuno Classic (1,130,000 dollars in prize money) held at the Otz Seta Golf Club (par 72) in Siga, Japan on the 10th. Sorenstam played well with 5 under par, 67 shots shaking off the punchy chase of the ‘Korean female squad,’ and got her 10th win (41 career wins) of the season with the total of 15 under par, 201 shots.

The ‘10 wins a season’ is a rare record in 34 years since Cathy Wortwas (America) of 1968. The player who was closed to a double-digit win after Wortwas was Nancy Ropez (America), who got 9 wins in 1978, and Sorenstam got 8 wins last season. The US LPGA Tour most wins a season record is the 13 wins by Mickey Wright (America) of 1963.

In the meantime, in the US PGA Tour, 18 wins that Byron Nelson marked in 1945 was the record. However, there has been a no double-digit winner for 52 years after Sam Snead (America) achieved 11 wins in 1950.

Sorenstam, who started the final round as a sole leader, once gave up the leading position to Pak, Se-Ri (Tayormade) due to the double bogey she made at the 5th hole (par 3). However, Sorenstam took the leading position again while Pak, Se-Ri, who reduced 5 shots in the first half only, was flinching at the second half.

The player who bothered Sorenstam was Park, Ji-Eun (Ewha Woman`s University) who played face to face in the same group. Park, Ji-Eun, who made her first birdie at the 10th hole snapping the boring par saves for 9 consecutive holes, chased Sorenstam by a shot adding 3 more birdies until the 17th hole.

Sorenstam made a birdie at the final 18th hole and neglected Park, Ji-Eun by 2 shots. It was the game that everyone thought, ‘what if Park, Ji-Eun chased Sorenstam little more in the first half…’ Park, Ji-Eun was in the sole second place (13 under par, 203 shots), and Pak, Se-Ri made the sole third place (12 under par, 204 shots).

In the meantime 5 Korean players made the top 10 in this event including the sole 4th place winner (10 under par, 206 shots) ‘Koala’ Park, Hui-Jung (CJ) and 7th player winner (8 under par 208 shots) Goh, Woo-Soon (38), who is playing in the Japanese LPGA Tour. However, the ‘Super Peanut’ Kim, Mi-Hyun (KTF), who was the sole leader after the first round, finished the event in 19th place (5 under par, 211 shots).

Young-Sik Ahn ysahn@donga.com