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Academic Aptitude Test, 10∼20 Scores Higher

Posted November. 06, 2002 22:59,   


Except a language area, the 2003 academic aptitude test taken on November 6, tends to be easier and so its score will increase by 10~20 scores over last year.

The average score of the Academic Aptitude Test will be relatively higher over last year that showed the decrease of the average score. However, unlike last year, there is the large number of the middle-scored students. So, they will seem to undertake a difficulty of a college entrance.

Cho, Seung-Jae (professor of Seoul National University), a chairman of committee who made examination questions said in a press conference on November 6, “The questions of language and math areas were relatively easier than one of last year and the questions of remaining areas were made similar to last year. The scores will be overall be raised”.

However, unlike an announcement of the committee, the language area has the new and long sentences. The academic institutes forecast that there will be a big gap between individuals for the language area.

The math area which was difficult last year, has the simple questions. In particular, the common questions were easily made and so the score will seem to increase by the maximum 10 scores.

The analysis says that the social studies area and science areas have the relatively easy questions and the English area has the similar questions to last year.

The academic institutes forecasts that the average scores will increase by the minimum 10 scores and the maximum 20 scores when combining 5 areas.

Experts said, “It will be difficult to consult the college selection because there will be large middle-scored students owing to the general scores increase.”

Total 675922 students applied for the academic attitude test, but 20,531 students didn`t take the examination. An absence rate is 3.04%.

Besides, Korea Institute of Curriculum & Evaluation (KICE) intents to announce the national average, and the area average in the afternoon tomorrow after marking examination papers of 40000 examinees in Seoul and Gyeonggi area as sample.

The academic institutes will bring out a material for the counseling guidance on November 8, by reflecting the marking results of KICE and temporary marking scores

So, students will seem to make strategies to select the college based on it.