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The Result of the US Interim Election

Posted November. 05, 2002 22:56,   


The interim election in America had begun in the morning of the 5th (in the night of the 5th in Korean local time) in all 50 States.

It is predicted that the result of this election, which elects one third of 100 Senators, 34 and all 435 Congressmen and 36 out 50 Governors, would be known as early as the night of the 5th (in the afternoon of the 6th in Korean local time).

This interim election is considered as the most unpredictable election since 1954 interim election.

The American media and election experts are predicting that since the support rate of the Republican Party was raising in different surveys facing the election, the Republican Party will easily win the House, and there will be a close match with a slight advantage for the Democratic Party.

According to the survey done by the Gallop in association with the CNN and the USA Today, the support rates in the House election were 51% for the Republicans and 45% for the Democrats. Since the results on the 25th of last month were 46% for the Republicans and 49% for the Democrats, it is being analyzed that the voters has turned toward the Republican Party in large scale facing the election.

Ki-Heung Han eligius@donga.com