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Choi Kyoung-Ju with surprising records

Posted November. 04, 2002 22:58,   


`Tank` Choi Kyoung-Ju (32· Superior Taylor Made) has been in a stable position as a golfer of US PGA Tour after three years.

For the season, he had 2 championship (2nd place for wins) and was in `Top 10` seven times (11th place) and was in 17th place for prize money (USD 2,204,907).

When he was in the 134th place for the prize money (USD 305,745) in 2000, he had a poor records and so exports said “It is too early yet to advance into US. What made him adapt himself to US Tour rapidly.

Choi Kyoung-Ju said that his confidence brought about the surprising records. He said in an interview three years ago, “I was nervous and so I couldn`t play a swing as desired. When I stood in Teeing Ground, I couldn`t find a way to throw a ball.”

However, after he had a match with Tiger Woods in the third round of Tour Championship on November 3, he said “Woods is not fearful player any more.” He showed his confidence.

He also adapted himself to US Green. For three seasons with a full time up to now, his US PGA Tour Drive Shot ranking was just the average and the regular-on rate of Iron Shot went back over the first season.

However, he won the prize money as seven times as one two years ago owing to putting. He ranking was sharply raised to the 20th place.

Choi Kyoung-Ju has a bright prospect for next season, because the US PGA Tour shows a definite situation of `the rich get richer, the poor get poor`. Top rankers can have an advantageous position to win the prize money by participating in `Big prize money matches` including the Tour Championship and World Golf Championship. They also can participate in all four major championships.

His target for next season is to win the major title championship. It is not a desire and so he can accomplish the target.

Young-Sik Ahn ysahn@donga.com