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Red Devils Will Stop Activity till Presidential Election

Red Devils Will Stop Activity till Presidential Election

Posted November. 03, 2002 22:42,   


‘Red Devils’, which is Korean national football team supporters declared to stop its activity until the presidential election gets over.

Proxy of chief in Red devils, Seo Dong-ryul (33) stated through notice board on its homepage (www. Redevil.or.kr), “We will quit all kinds of external activity until the election gets over as we would be a target of interest due to outside work regardless of intention of members.”

He added in phone interview on 3rd, “I am thinking a lot regarding future of red devils. It would be better to take time off for a while”.

Following this, red devils postponed its delegate meeting, which was supposed to be held on 16th, and 17th and decided to entrust cheering in test match with Brazil on 20th, to the cheering team on spot.

On the other hand, it is reported that former chairman Shin In-cheol (34) who disappeared leaving message, ‘ I resign from the post of Chairman’ on its homepage on 6th last month, sent mail stating “I am sorry. Everybody took a lot of pains. Don’t contact me for some time”. At that moment, there was big criticism because some people explained about the reason for Mr. Shin’s resignation saying, “It is because of tenacious demand of politics that is to use red devils in the presidential election.”

With regard to this, Mr. Seo said, “After World cup, the ruling party as well as the opposition party asked us to participate in some events, however we never went to these parties events. And as long as I know, we haven’t been threatened or pressurized from politics”.

Jong-Koo Yang yjongk@donga.com