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Hussein`s Email Is Hacked

Posted November. 01, 2002 23:04,   


The Iraqi Government opens the direct email address (press@uruklink.net) to the President Sadam Hussein. The reporters of the ‘Wired Dot Com’ of America hacked that email box. It contained shocking contents. Since Hussein`s email is managed by the Iraqi national Internet service provider, the Western businessmen believed that their secrets were secured and proposed many different things that are contrary to their national interests and justice.

One of the shocking mails was a proposal by a businessman who called himself as a bio-chemical expert to sell bio-chemical weapons sent from China on July 17th. He asked, “Are you willing to buy if I sell bio-chemical weapon, which is concentrated methyl bromide potassium carbonate, in concealed packages,” and he left phone number and email address of the person who is in charge of selling. The phone number was a number in Saudi capitol Riyadh.

An employee of a Saudi oil company informed Iraq the location of pipelines of American oil companies in Saudi Arabia and movement of American submarines and fighters in the Middle East through encrypted mail sent in July and August.

The more shocking things are the mails of the CEO`s of the American cutting edge companies. The CEO of a wireless technology company in California said, “The President George W. Bush must resign at once,” and wrote if the President Hussein met him, he could discuss about ‘exporting abundant cutting edge technologies.’

The Wired Dot Com said the state of the art weapon, ‘G4’ that this company developed could wipe out all living things around the target area by burning air around there through remote control.

But the CEO insisted through a telephone interview with the Wired Dot Com, “We were just looking for ways to set antennas for wireless communication in Iraq.”

There also were many mails that criticized the preparation of war against Iraq by America. A citizen in Washington said on August 1st, “I do not mind if I am on the FBI black list by sending email,” and “I am against the war against Iraq.” On the other hand, an American female advised, “You should widely allow the UN weapons inspection, so you do not give America chance to attack,” and “the President Hussein will be appeared as a ‘bigger person.’

The Wired Dot Com reported that there are tens of emails sending to the President Hussein a week from all over the world.

Ki-Tae Kwon kkt@donga.com