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Two Directors of Playoffs

Posted October. 29, 2002 22:51,   


“I enjoyed a game.”

After the first game of Playoff was finished, director of LG, Kim Seong-geun (60) said.

He answered the question of the feeling when in the second half of the ninth inning got off by a score of 2-1 lead, Lee Sang-Hun met the score-tying homerun from Kim In-cheol. He said “I was not surprised, a baseball is always like that. I watch the game pleasantly. I don’t play the baseball, but players do the game”.

During the game, he enjoyed freely even for a dugout. He had his presence of mind like watching other team’s game. He never changed his facial expression during 8 hours’ game.

The baseball style has been changed significantly. Through Game 1 and 2 of Playoffs, he bunted down just twice. In the first half of the first inning, he gave Lee Jong-yul bunt and indicated the Squeeze bunt to Yu Ji-hyun in the ninth inning of Game 2. He changed his play style. He was totally changed in the post season. He had time to spare. He seemed to take a philosophical view of baseball.

Participated in the Playoffs as the second rank, the director of KIA, Kim Seong-han(44), looked hasty because he was in the first post season.

In the ninth inning of Game 2 by the score of 4-2, he indicated an intentional four balls. Experts wondered why he indicated the strategy. KIA gave the same score of 4-4 by Squeeze bunt of LG with the bases loaded.

He was shocked after he lost the first game. So, he ordered the send bunt if any runner is advanced in the second game. The style of two directors was totally changed in reverse of the regular season. He nominated a rookie, Kim Jin-woo in the ending but he changed his plan and let Kim play as a relay pitcher.

As the record of regular season, KIA gained the upper hand by the score of 12 wins 1 tie and 5 losses. In the team ranking, KIA is the second place and LG is 4th place. However, the director of KIA, Kim Seong-hwan looked hasty and impatient.

Sang-Soo Kim ssoo@donga.com