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Chorus Of Angels

Posted October. 28, 2002 23:08,   


Final 7th game of World Series was just to clarify its victory on 44,000 home supporters who cheered the team with stick balloons, wearing red uniform and angel head accessories, which is the symbol of Anaheim Angels.

On the 28th, Anaheim that experienced miraculous turnaround, which upset 5 points in 6th game on the previous day, reversed San Francisco Giants, so called, ‘Bonds Firm’, by 4-1 again at Edison Rield. The 7th game clarified again unwritten rule of home team’s victory. Anaheim gave one point in early round two, but drew soon by two-base hits of Benji Molina in successive four balls of Scott Spizio. And in late round three, starter David Extein and Darin Erstad made successive hits and Tim Samon received dead ball, filling the bases.

After that Garret Anderson got three points by two-base hits overturning the game by 4-1. And tensed bowler’s fighting went on. Therefore, Anaheim made up four game of world series by turnaround victory and recorded victory of reverses like losing first round in three games at all post season.

John Lackey of Anaheim, who was a new player but was selected as a 8th starting pitcher in Major league history, blocked 4 hits l loss in five innings and became new winning pitcher since 1993, after Babe Adams in 1909.

For MVP, Troy Glaus was chosen who made three home runs and reversed two - base hits in 6th game, at World Series. On the contrary, Barry Bonds who had a bat of 0.471 such as making four home runs till 6th game had to be satisfied with a supporting role in World Series, which he joined for the first time since 17 seasons from debut.

And San Francisco had to delay its dream of taking the top again, as it targeted after 48 years since 1954, at the time of New York Giants.

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