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Korea-Japan Must Lead the Formation of East Asia Community

Korea-Japan Must Lead the Formation of East Asia Community

Posted October. 27, 2002 23:23,   


In ‘Korea-Japan Millennium Symposium 2002’ held in Waseda University, Tokyo on October 26, two countries of Korea and Japan agreed that they must play a major role in a peace and security of the North East Asia.

Kim Yeong-sam, extraordinary professor of Waseda University, two former prime ministers of Japan, president of Waseda University, Kim Yu-Sik, president of Yonsei University, Gong No-Myeong, former minister of the ministry of foreign affairs and Nam Si-Uk, former president of Munhwa Ilbo participated in the symposium. The symposium was hosted jointly by Contemporary Korea Institute and Yonsei University and was sponsored jointly by Donga Ilbo and Nihon Keizai.

The former president Kim mentioned the joint holding of Korea-Japan World Cup, “When he was in office, he got a report of World Cup host country 2 or 3 days before the final decision. I determined the joint holding considering that it was the best method.”

The former Prime Minister NAKASONE emphasized through commemorative lecture meeting, “21C is the period when a necessity of the North East Asia community formation is emphasized”. Then, the former minister, Gong No-Myeong said in a keynote address, “The strong friendship between Korea and Japan is the starting point to create the North East Asia community for the peace development of the North East Asia.

Ohkonoki Masao, the professor of Keio University emphasized through statement of politics-diplomacy, “Two countries were in a state of ‘joint system ownership’ of democracy, market economy and alliance with US. The new century must be the period of ‘community of consciousness’ which respects the history and cultural tradition based on the joint ownership of system.”

Kim Dal-jung, professor of Yonsei University insisted on the East Asia International Security of 21C, “it is impractical that China and Japan challenge to supreme power of US. The simultaneous pursuit of multi-lateral security system and UN security system is the most desirable. Accordingly, three countries of Korea, China and Japan must play a leading role.”

Jeong Gu-jong, president of Dong.Com emphasized, “As known that Japan was involved in three wars out of wars occurred in Asia for the past 100 years, a variable of Japan is very important in the peace of Northeast Asia. The possibility on overseas troops of Japan Self-Defense Forces must contribute to an establishment of multi-lateral security system over the obtainment of military identity.” Lee Dae-seong, vice director of Contemporary Korea Institute of Waseda University evaluated, “two countries of Korea and Japan confirmed that they must lead the development and prosperity of Northeast Asia by forming the close partnership between two countries.”