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[Editorial] Political Landscape in Crisis

Posted October. 16, 2002 22:58,   


With only two months left before the presidential elections, a series of political regrouping is rapidly changing the political landscape, heralding a political `big bang` in the near future. Politicians, who changed their party membership, justified their defection as necessary for the national integrity and political reform. But behind the gleaming cause is the tactic of political parties to expand their support base aimed at the victory in the presidential election. Of course it is important for political parties to secure strong power base. But there must be certain rules to secure power base.

Independent lawmaker Chung Mong-jun holds a promoter`s rally yesterday and declared his determination to fight against the anachronistic politics. By that, he means to achieve national integrity through political reform. But most of the listed promoters are former government officials and figures in the cultural and sports sectors.

It is not that they are not qualified. But it is still questionable whether they could take the initiative in ushering in the era of new politics and national integrity. Rep. Chung also said that he welcomed any lawmaker, who shares the same value and ideology. To put it the other way, it means that he is willing to accept anyone if it helps him extend his power base, although he attached one condition of sharing the same value and ideology.

Lee Hoi-chang, presidential candidate of the Grand National Party (GNP) also made clear his intention to aggressively recruiting lawmakers of other parties. He said that he would not be bound by what they have done in the past, if they want to share our political ideologies.

Meanwhile, lawmakers of the Millennium Democratic Party (MDP), who oppose its standard bearer Roh Moo-hyun, announced to leave the party en masse this weekend or early next week. Amid this turmoil, the MDP refused the scheduled National Assembly session, blaming the GNP for recruiting its lawmakers.

But it cannot be justified for the MDP to take the National Assembly hostage to criticize its rival party. The MDP has itself to blame as its own lawmakers are watching for a good timing to defect from the party.

Whatever the result will be, political regrouping cannot be of any help to achieve the national integrity and political reform. The myopic regrouping aimed solely at the victory of the presidential election will only help the public turn a cold shoulder to the politics.