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[Editorial] Lax Social Atmosphere

Posted October. 14, 2002 23:40,   


With the term of the incumbent administrating nearing an end, a number of illegal activities have been widespread and the public went so far as to ignor the law and order not to mention looking down on the law. If this trend holds, the entire nation will have to cripple.

The newspaper reported that illegal parking blocks streets at night, karaoke rooms solicit people boasting they sell liquors even though selling liquors in karaoke rooms is illegal. Drivers enjoying speed are scrambling to buy `spray paint` to evade the crackdown by unmanned camera. Illegal room salons and steam bathrooms are prevalent.

But the administrative capability of the government is far lagging behind.

That is partly due to the lax discipline in the officialdom at the final stage of the administration. But this mainly results from the combination of the widespread mind-set of the public that if you abide by the law, you will get disadvantages and the sense of resistance.

The recent bank robbery by three gunmen is closed related with such a lax social atmosphere. The fact that some of the firearms possessed by the suspects came from a neighboring military base shows that this slackened social climate has affected the military base.

The main culprit behind the social downturn lies in the corruption of the high-class of the society. They are mandated to put in place the basic of the nation according to the rule of law. If they are engaged in illegal activities, they cannot lead the public to comply with the law. The regime that lost public confidence cannot uphold the law. And we should not overlook the current situation, in which illegal activities are rampant.

The government and the political sector should acknowledge that the nation is in the state of crisis and be out to work out countermeasures.

If politicians are obsessed with the partisan feud and the government turns a blind eye to the situation, then the new administration would not possibly deal with the residual effect. The current situation has an explosive potential to totally bring down the social community and deal a serious blow to the public. Thus all the players of the society should pull together out strength and wisdom to turn the situation around. There is no easy way out.