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[Editorial] Prosecution should Probe the Mysterious Document

[Editorial] Prosecution should Probe the Mysterious Document

Posted October. 11, 2002 23:05,   


The internal report on the draft-dodging scandal was released by some media. The content of the report is shocking enough. The document shows that the draft-dodging scandal is the result of the political maneuvering. In the report, the author argues that The life of Grand National Party`s standard bearer Lee Hoi-chang should be spared at least until November and that the chief prosecutor of the Seoul Public Prosecutors` Office(SPPO) should be replaced with someone loyal to the party. The presidential election provides an opportunity for the public to exercise their basic right, and the prosecution`s investigation should be conducted in accordance with the law and principle. But the author seems to regard these two events as a means of political maneuvering, which is very frightening.

But even more frightening is that the scenario in this document, which was drawn out early August, is very similar to the process of the prosecution`s probe into the draft-dodging scandal and the political offensive. It also cannot be overlooked that the title of the document is the report on the interview with Kim Dae-up. For if some politicians have contacted with Kim Dae-up, who has continuously taken issue with the allegations that Lee`s two sons evaded the military service, the characteristic and direction of the ongoing investigation into the scandal will be turned upside down.

The GNP is confident that the document was made in the MDP, arguing that the draft-dodging scandal is a fraud." On the other hand, the MDP refutes the GNP, saying that the document did not come from the party. Whenever the political landscape is unstable, there are always mysterious documents coming out for nasty and mean purposes. But the sources of these documents have never been identified.

This is where the prosecution should enter. How would the prosecution pay the huge price if the prosecution has really swayed by the political maneuvering as the document dictates? It is, in fact, undeniable that both the political sector and the prosecution have failed to honestly respond to the draft-dodging scandal. At least to dispel such suspicions and distrust, the prosecution should figure out the author and the intention of the report. That will help the prosecution dig up the truth about the draft-dodging scandal.