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Internet Fun Time with Parents

Posted October. 08, 2002 23:05,   


“Baby, how about studying in Internet? Let’s click on here.”

A housewife, Kim Geum-hwan (29) is having a good time to play the Internet with her 8 months baby son.

They accessed the Internet portal site for small children for over 1 hour a day. Her baby son doesn’t know what the Internet is, but he clicks on the mouse before she does. The screen makes an attractive screen including funny sound, colorful characters and various pictures. She said “I could reduce costs to buy books and music tapes for children because I have used the portal site for small children.”

There is recently ‘Toddler Portal’ for 6 months babies who don’t know the Internet. However, parents can produce satisfactory results which make babies become familiar to PC while they have the playing and learning time holding babies on their lap.

She has frequently visited the site of ‘Bebeline(www.bebeline.com)’. The site has been operated through partnership with Hanaro Dream by Entoro. It has provided a service of specialized learning corner for infants(6months to 3 years old babies) and small children (3 to 6 years old). It includes a variety of corners including 200 Korean plays, 300 English plays 150 mathematics plays. Small children can learn a vocabulary and pronunciation through flash animation as well they can learn the Japanese and Chinese through flash animation easily. The big icon makes small children click easily. Its service fee is 15,000 won per month.

Operated by ‘Wise Booktopia’, Kidstopia(www.kidstopia.com) is the site which offers the service of kids game using the animation and vocabulary match game. It also suggests the good books for children (3∼7 years old).

It contains a guideline to talk about the book with parents as well as a popular artwork of color painting with a moving character.

Dongsamo(www.dongsamo.co.kr) provides the infant contents of 380 types. It contains a feeling and contents of the fairy book based on the pictures of popular illustrators and dubbing of actors. It has introduced the fairy books and learning materials by ages and so it is helpful to parents.

Bebe Line said, “If 0~ 6 years old infants who have the great brain development don’t receive a proper education, they could lose an opportunity to develop an inborn ability. The Internet studying program which uses the sense of touch, the sense of sight and the sense of hearing sitting on the parents’ lap has the high education effect.”

Jung-Eun Lee lightee@donga.com