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Army-Joining with Friends

Posted October. 04, 2002 23:03,   


‘Accompanied Army Joining System’ which enters the military services with desired persons like friends or relatives, will be introduced from next January.

The Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) said on October 4, “If the enlisting people desire the accompanied army joining, they must submit an application form to Military Manpower Administration of all regions 3 months before joining the army and then must receive an investigation from Military Manpower Administration. However, There are exceptions if there are reasons for disqualification such as a criminal record or confinement record.

A number of the accompanied person is restricted to one. Also, the military service areas are restricted to an infantry and artillery of the first and third army to protect side effects that many people could focus on the desired troops such as troops in the rear, ministry of national defense and troops under direct control of ROKA.

ROKA will plan to arrange allowable enlisted people to the same troops below a battalion level if the local army division and the same troops below battery level if the front ready troops. The official of ROKA said, “They could stay in the same barracks depending on the situations.”

ROKA said “It is expected that the accompanied army-joining system will contribute to a solution of the military uneasiness and a prevention of military maladjustment. We will apply for this system to 20,000 people next year and will extend to 50,000 people a year.”

Sang-Ho Yun ysh1005@donga.com