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Rental Fee of 50~100 Won on Disposables

Posted October. 04, 2002 23:07,   


Certain amount of rental fee will be imposed on disposables that are being used t above on 100 Pyeong(about 400 sq. yds) fast food stores and above 50 Pyeong(about 200 sq. yds) take out shops, from January 2003, in order to reduce environmental pollution and waste of resources due to increase in use of disposables like paper cups.

If consumer returns disposables to the shop after using it, he will be paid back the rental fee.

Ministry of Environment (MOE) made ‘agreement for reducing use of disposables voluntarily’ with seven fast food store and 24 take away outlets on 4th, and decided to add extra fee into selling price such as 100 won per one disposable of fast food store and 50 won on take away outlets, from January next year.

If consumers use these shops, that made agreement voluntarily, return disposable after paying extra fee, then they can be refunded the money. If it is same product, people can return to any outlet store of the same fast food store and receive back the money.

Shops decided to use products for multiple use instead of disposables at above 100 pyeong shop and above 80 Pyeong(about 316 sq. yds) shop that will be newly built up from 2003, and above 50 Pyeong(about 200 sq. yds) take away outlets.

Fast food franchised companies that made agreement are Lotteria, KFC, Popeyes, Burger king, Hardees, Macdonald (two companies), etc and take away franchised outlets are Rosebud, sweet buns, Idiya, star bucks, etc. These shops are 1716 of fast food shops and 674 of take away outlets. MOE said, “Number of shops which joined this agreement voluntarily are 100% of fast food chains and 89.5% of take away outlets, therefore, there would be a significant decrease in use of disposables and recycling material.”

Such companies decided to reveal profits, which comes out due to non-demand of refunds, in every quarter (three months) and to utilize this profit to support environmental campaign or return to consumers by providing gifts, etc. Disposable paper cups which fast food outlets and coffee shops used last year reached up to 230 million pieces. It is estimated to reach 286 million pieces this year.

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