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North Korea and America Negotiate the WMD Problem

Posted October. 03, 2002 22:41,   


The US delegation led by a presidential personal envoy of the US President George W. Bush, the East Asia and Pacific Assistant Secretary of Defense James Kelly visited North Korea on the 3rd and started the real meeting.

The US delegation arrived at Pyongyang through the direct route over the West Sea, had a preliminary contact with the North Korean delegation, and started negotiating to solve the WMD problems including nuclear missiles.

The Pyongyang Broadcasting Service reported that afternoon; “A presidential personal envoy of the US President, the East Asia and Pacific Assistant Secretary of Defense James Kelly has arrived at Pyongyang, today.” The Pyongyang Broadcasting Service continued, “He was accompanied by the suite and related officials greeted the Envoy at the airport.”

The government official said, “America will decide whether to have succeeding meetings or not through consultation between related departments based on the North Korean position about the WMD problems during this meeting,” and “I understand that America will convey her comprehensive position about the North Korea and America relationship during this meeting.”

He predicted, “Although North Korea does not show changed position about the WMD problems immediately, the talks between North Korea and America won’t be stopped.”

In the meantime, the Pyongyang Broadcasting Service of North Korea reported, “Even the countries that are in hostile relations with us, we will try to reform the relationship with them if they respect our autonomy and give up their hostile policies against us.” The Pyongyang Broadcasting Service criticized America and said, “Because of the punchy hostile policies of America against us, our hostile relationship with America has not been ended even after the end of the Cold War.”

The US delegation will come back to Korea on the 5th, and discuss the following policies against North Korea after explaining the result of the visit to North Korea to the Minister of the Diplomacy and Trade, Choi, Sung-Hong.

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