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Severe Protest By Agents’ Sent To The North

Posted September. 29, 2002 22:59,   


200 members of ‘Korea HID Sorak community of agents’ sent to the North carried out severe protest for one hour by setting up fire on the streets, thrusting steel pipes, occupying two lanes among 6 lane road in front of Yeongdeungpo station, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on 29th morning, insisting to admit their identification and improve treatment.

They wore masks and soldier uniforms and put on fire after pouring 10 drums of thinner on the street. Some protestors held out against the police threatening to explode 3 LPG cylinders brought from the nearby shops. Traffic was completely blocked due to demonstration and citizen faced big inconvenience.

Police dispatched 1,500 policemen and took the whole 227 members on arrest, however, 30 policemen and attendants were injured and were being treated in neighboring hospital.

Before this, the police blocked the road in front of the National Assembly by 3,000 soldiers from 26 troops and commandos, where they were supposed to hold the protest in the beginning. As the police took nine attendants who were passing the subway in front of the National Assembly, carrying hand axes, others shifted to Yeongdeungpo Station.

The matter of agents sent to the North started to be made a subject of discussion when MDP member, Kim Sung-ho, said that the number of agents sent to the North from 1952 to 1972 were 10,000 and 7,726 of them died or are missing, in inspection administration report in October, 2000.

200 Agents sent to the North protested several times such as they made fire through LPG cylinders and injured themselves occupying the street in front of Sejong cultural center, Jongru-gu, Seoul, in last march.

However, it is reported that ministries like Defense ministry are under negotiation with them for compensation and preferences but both sides are not able to narrow their opinion.

Hyo-Lim Sang-Ho Yun aryssong@donga.com ysh1005@donga.com