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Hussein`s Palace Included in Inspection

Posted September. 29, 2002 22:58,   


U.S. and Britain are preparing UN resolution to expose Iraq`s weapon of mass destruction within thirty days and Sadam Hussein`s Presidential Palace is also included in the inspection list. Iraq has strongly opposed this resolution on September 28th. The resolution also includes immediate military action against Iraq if they failed to meet these demands. On 29th, the New York Times analyze that it is high possible if Iraq continues to rejects the resolution, the Iraq issue will move from diplomacy to war.

▽U.S.-Britain resolution: Iraq must △reveal all military arms program △allow access to all officials and locations including Presidential Palace by the UN inspection group △Within thirty days of Security Council`s resolution, demands explanation for all biochemical and nuclear manufactories.

This is opposed to agreement signed in 1998 by UN Secretary Kofi Annan and Iraq, in which inspection is limited to eight places and by `Senior Diplomats representatives` appointed by UN Secretary.

If this resolution is passed the UN will inform Iraq of this resolution. Iraq will have seven days to decide whether to accommodate or reject this resolution. U.S. hopes to pass this resolution in Security Council on September 30th.

On 30th, in other hand, Hans Blicks, the head of UN Inspection Team plans to meet the Iraqi officials to reinstate the Inspection Team.

▽Iraq`s response: On 28th, Taha Yasin Ramadan Vice President and Tarik Aziz Deputy Prime Minister have officially rejected the new resolution. "Iraq`s policy on Inspection Team is already set. We would reject any additional measures that will hurt Iraq", says Ramadan. Aziz warns, "If war occurs, American forces will sustain highest casualties in decades."

In response to Iraqi rejection, Aeri Fleischer, White House Spokesperson says, "Iraq has no voice in UN Security Council`s resolution"

▽Security Council member states` responses: Jacques Chirac, President of France in phone conversation with U.S. President George W. Bush has clearly announced, "We oppose any resolution regarding automatic strike on Iraq". France demanded return of UN Arms Inspection Team to Iraq and if Iraq refuses, France opts for another resolution.

On 26th, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia announced that Iraq crisis must be dealt quickly and new UN resolution is not needed. Zhu Rongji, Premier of China in meeting with President Chirac agreed with France and cautions, "Strike on Iraq without UN Security Council will lead to unpredictable consequences."

On 29th, British Channel 4 TV announced, "According to public opinion poll, most dangerous characters to world peace are Sadam Hussein (43%) and President Bush (37%)". Also 80% opposed one-sided military action by the U.S.