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Korean Soccer "Don’t Be Afraid, Maldives "

Posted September. 26, 2002 22:53,   


Aiming at championship of Asian Game after 16 years, Korean National Soccer Team will have the first game of Group A with Maldives in Busan Gudeok Stadium at 7 p.m on September 27, two days before the official opening of Busan Asian Game. .

Maldives cannot win Korea by a historical record. The interest is how many goals Korean team can make to win.

Making a large score in the first game will have an important influence on the coming game. Korean team is encouraged to exceeding the historic largest goals against Nepal in Hiroshima Asian Game in 1994.

Korean team will apply ‘three top attach system of 3-4-3. Lee Chun-Soo and Choi Sung-Kuk will be positioned as the right and left fields. Kim Eun-Jung will be positioned at an angular point of triangle. Lee Dong Gook and Choi Tae-Uk will stand by as alternative members.

The team director, Park Hang-Seo concluded to make Kim Eun-Jung as a starting member. Kim Eun-Jung shot a diving heading goal in A-match against Kuwait on September 23. Kim Eun-Jung gained the ascendancy by this goal in a competition with Lee Dong-Gook.

In the team organized by players who are less than 23 years old, senior players who are joined as ‘Wild Joker’ will block the attack of the opposite team. Lee Young-Pyo (Anyang) will be appointed as the right mid fielder and Kim Young-Cheol (Seongnam, Ilwha) will be appointed as the left defender. Lee Woon-Jae will be a gold keeper.

Coaches of the team plan to appoint Kim Du-Hyeon (Suwon, Samsung) as a center playmaker of middle field, and to apply a speedy movement of Lee Chun-Soo and a play of Choi Sung-Kuk to the utmost.

Jong-Koo Yang yjongk@donga.com