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Woman in 30s Paid Male Minor Money and Had Sex with Him 8 Times

Woman in 30s Paid Male Minor Money and Had Sex with Him 8 Times

Posted September. 24, 2002 23:01,   


On September 24, 2002, released was the list of 671 people, who committed sexual offenses against the minors.

On the current list made public for the third time, many social luminaries were included: a woman in her 30s who paid a 17-year old male minor and had sex with him over 8 occasions, one college professor and 3 doctors, one TV cameraman working for a media company, one teacher, three corporate presidents, one pharmacist, and two movie directors.

Youth Protection Commission (Commissioner Lee Seung-hee) posted as of 10 a.m., on Sep. 24, the names, DOBs, occupations, addresses, and criminal history of those 671 sexual offenders on the bulletin boards at the Government Complex and other local government agencies, in the gazettes, and on its own home page (www.youth.go.kr).

For the disclose of this time, the commission has reviewed 1,244 people who had committed sexual crime against the minors from July to December of 2001. Out of them, after long and tedious legal procedures including administrative lawsuits, the commission finally decided on the 671 offenders. The number of offenders made public this time is approximately 4 times higher than the number of people included in the first disclosure (1.e. 169), and one and a half times higher than that of the second (i.e. 443)

Originally, the commission decided to disclose the information of 675 offenders. But in the final version of the list, excluded are 5 people who succeeded in obtaining court injunctions, and included is one person whose disclosure has been put on hold pending an administrative lawsuit since the second disclosure.

In terms of types of crime, sexual offenders including rapists and sex traffickers come to 495 in number (73.5%), and 178 people are “buyers” of sex with minors.

Agewide, 20s occupy the first position as rapists (45.3%), 40s as attempted rapists (33.5%), 30s as buyers (50%), and 30s as traffickers (35.1%).

The total number of women, whether buyers or traffickers, included in the list reaches 53 (7.9%).

In terms of occupations of the offenders, 174 people are self-employed (i.e. 25.9%), 110 people are in the manufacturing industry (16.4%), 80 people are white-collar workers (11.9%), 72 people are engaged in the service industry (10.7%), and 34 people are specialists (5.1%), 18 in the agricultural industry (2.7%), and 16 people are students (2.4).

Among those made public this time, 72.9% of the offenders have previous history of sexual crime. The total number of minor victims is 1,088. Among those, 599 victims are less than 15 years of age (55.1%), and even 272 minors are less than 13 (25%).

One of the main features shown in this disclosure is the dirtier nature of the offenses. 26.9% of rapists are gang rapists, and, in case of sex-trafficking, 20.2% of the offenders bought minors for orgies.

Commissioner Lee explained, “If an offender is a rapist or sex trafficker, we give priority in disclosing the information of the offender. For offenders who committed attempted rape and who bought minors, we sorted them out based on habitability and nature of their crimes, and put on the list those who are considered habitual offenders or considered wicked.”

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