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America Says North Korea Still Is A Rogue State

Posted September. 22, 2002 23:34,   


The New York Times reported on the 20th that the US President George W. Bush made a new National Security Strategy focused on a `preemptive strike` to cope with the threat of massive killing weapons of enemy countries.

The Bush Administration worried about the danger of the non spread agreement that could not prevent to acquire massive killing weapons by North Korea, Iraq, and Iran in this `Strategy,` and announced that it would put emphasis on preemptive strike against enemy countries that were developing massive killing weapons instead of the suppression tactics.

America stressed in the `Strategy,` "We will not hesitate to act alone to exercise the defense right by taking preemptive actions from necessity."

The Washington Post reported that the `Strategy` still defined North Korea as a `rogue state` and pointed out, "North Korea has been the supplier of world`s ballistic missiles," and "North Korea kept testing more and more efficient missiles (for sale) and developed massive killing weapons for herself."

However, the American media predicted about the `Strategy,` "It is based on a one-way doctrine through predominant power, so it will be facing criticisms from in and out of the country.