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North and South Simultaneously Launched Mine-clearing in DMZ

North and South Simultaneously Launched Mine-clearing in DMZ

Posted September. 19, 2002 22:46,   


On September 19, 2002, North and South simultaneously launched an operation to clear the land mines lacing the demilitarized zone (DMZ). This operation is part of the construction project for Kyungui Line and Donghae Line connecting South and North.

From 9 a.m. on Sep. 9th, the Army began to work on the mine-clearing operation. For the construction of the corridor for Kyungui Line, the Army started to clear mines within the barbed gates on the southern limit line, which is near the Dora station in Pahjoo City, Kyunggi Province. For Donghae Line, the mine-clearing operation is being performed within the DMZ, which lies in front of Unification Observatory in Kosung County, Kwanwon Province. North, pursuant to the agreement made at the military talks, began to work on clearing mines both in North-controlled eastern part and western part along the DMZ at the same time.

The Army has mobilized 9 companies and 450 units of heavy equipment, and plans to finish up, by the end of November, clearing mines planted along the areas where the railroads and highways will be built up. The area where the mines are being cleared will stretch over 1.8 km reaching from the southern limit line to the military division line.

As a preparation for possible emergencies like explosions, the Army has deployed ambulances and army helicopters near the operation area, and has set up preventive measures against diseases like malaria.

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