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The Japanese Islands Are In Anger. “Not Even Explaining the Cause of Death…”

The Japanese Islands Are In Anger. “Not Even Explaining the Cause of Death…”

Posted September. 18, 2002 22:39,   


The Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi attended the Government and Administration Party meeting and explained the result of the Summit and the early coming back of kidnapped Japanese people, and he is planning to meet the families of the kidnapped people in person and explain to them.

However, the Administration Party said, “We value the result of the summit, but we cannot forgive that 8 kidnapped people were dead,” and strongly asked to find the truth and punish the related North Korean officials instead of amity negotiation.

The Minister Abe Sinjo, who attended the summit, visited the hotel in Tokyo where the families of the kidnapped people were staying and said that he would find the way to ask North Korea to examine the kidnapping or compensation, and he would install a special unit to bring back the alive kidnapped people in the cabinet.

According to the Foreign Affairs Department, all four kidnapped people showed there will to come back during the meeting with the Foreign Affairs official on the 17th. The Japanese Government is planning to help the families of the surviving people to visit North Korea and meet them, and reconfirm their will and bring them back before reinstating the amity negotiation.

The Foreign Affairs Department understood that it was unreasonable to have the amity negotiation in Tokyo considering the emotion of the people, so it is trying to find a way to change to PyeongYang.

In response to this, the gathering of the families was still angry and pressed the government, “If the Government hurried up little bit, the total dead was not this much.” They asked to △bring back the survivors within a month, △find out the dead and alive situation, and △apologize and compensate by the Japanese Government, which neglected the situation for 20 years, and North Korea.

The Japanese media bring into relief the kidnapped Japanese issue on newspapers on the 18th, and broadcasting stimulated the viewers’ anger and tear fountain by airing the news conference of the families of the kidnapped people. However, some newspapers like Asahi appealed, “Let’s calmly evaluate the result of the Summit and develop the North Korea-Japan relationship.”

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