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Shampoo Evenly on Head …. Rinse Only on Hair

Posted September. 15, 2002 23:08,   


If you suffer from loss of hair, you should pay attention to hair care.

If you don’t have inflammation on your head, you can use ordinary shampoo products. But if you have, you should use special shampoo products with anti-bacterial or antiphlogistic components. When you choose a shampoo, you should choose one with hair protecting components. You had better buy two shampoos with these elements.

Many people think that shampoo is for cleaning hair, but it is for washing the skin of the head. You just apply shampoo on the head, and then rub the head with your fingertips. Two to three minutes later, rinse the hair in the water.

Some people use soap in washing your head. But it is not good because a certain component of soap does not washed easily and it fills up the pores of the skin, resulting in dandruff and loss of hair.

Rinse products should be used for damaged or dry hair because they protect the cuticle of hair. However, they should not be in contact with the skin of the head. They do not wash easily, accumulate and could fill up the pores in the head.

You should put hair treatment products on your hair, wear a plastic cap and 20 minutes later shampoo your head once a week. You could use mayonnaise, vinegar or lemon juice as a hair treatment product.

If your hair falls out a lot, or your hair is very thin, you should use hair essence for outing to prevent disheveled hair.

Beans, soybean milk and tofu, which are high in Isoflabone, are very efficacious for hair loss that results from decrease in famine hormones or from increase on male hormones. However, do not have much expectation because the cause of hair loss is very different from person to person.

Do not apply ginger juice or onion juice on the head. It has no efficacy. In particular, do not beat your head with a comb for the circulation of the blood. Rather, this act could worsen the inflammation on your head.

(Counselor= Dr. Oh Jun-kyu, Director of Rich Dermatology)

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