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Some Moderate Members of MDP Put Their Decision into Action

Some Moderate Members of MDP Put Their Decision into Action

Posted September. 13, 2002 22:49,   


Some moderate members of Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) are reportedly positively considering severing their ties with the MDP as early as next week to form a new party. Thus, the intra-party conflict is entering into a new phase.

MDP moderates such as Park Sang-kyu, Kim Won-gil and Kwak Ji-young announced their defection from the MDP on September 13, 2002, and plan to put their decision into action as early next week once their activities as members of the New Party Preparation Committee are over. But they are not the last. In addition, they have already started to persuade other MDP members to join them. They will join the MDP members who are expected to defect once the National Auditing is over. Then, all of them will set up a new party and push for merger either with “Roh Moo-hyun party” or with “Jung Mong-joon party.” Prior to their announcement, 27 Congressmen whose constituencies are in Seoul and Non-Honam areas met on Sep. 10 at a restaurant in Seoul and discussed their departure.

Congressman Kim said, “Whatever name and leader the new party will have, if we fail to unite, we will lose in the upcoming presidential election. After a long-lasting agony, I decided to leave the MDP.”

Rep. Kwak also confirmed, “We promised a blank party where no one claims any type of privilege. But now it looks almost impossible. I think the life span of the MDP has come to an end. Now, it’s time for the majority, who have kept silence so far, to form a new party

Separate from them, some MDP members against Roh Moo-hyun are also reportedly considering leaving the MDP by the mid-October.

Nonetheless, our paper has confirmed that many of the moderates, who have actively led the defection move, are not so positive about the departure. Thus, the future for the defection drive will be determined over this weekend.

In the meanwhile, candidate Roh and Han Hwa-kap, the chairman of the MDP, held a regular meeting on Sep. 13, and decided to run the party based on a dual commanding system. Thus, the Presidential Election Committee will take charge of all the matters concerning the election, and senior members will be in charge of daily operation of the MDP and its activities in Congress. In addition, Chairman Han decided not to chair the committee.

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