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Hot Driver Competition

Posted September. 12, 2002 23:29,   


Retaking of Callaway or Speedy Advance of TaylorMade?

‘BIG2’ of Korean golf club market have launched new products competing each other for the first place in the sales of driver at the beginning of this month.

Relegated to the second place by TaylorMade, Callaway has launched the new product of GBBⅡ. As known in the name Callaway expressed from ‘legendary driver GBB’, it has targeted for the first place in the market for the second half of the year.

380cc Installing the carbon graphite shaft of 44.75 inch in Titanium head, GBBⅡ was designed to increase a distance and to set a ball to sweet spot. Callaway explained that GBBⅡ has excellent exactness.

Among 8 pro players belonging to the company 7 golfers changed the driver with this product last month before US PGA Tour Buick Open. Annika Sorenstam (Sweden) had the seventh championships with GBBⅡ in Williams Championship on September 9. In the Asian market such as Korea and Japan, the company has launched GBBⅡ+(picture) of COR 0.86 which exceeds the restriction standard of USGA (less than COR 0.83).

TaylorMade also has launched ‘R500 Series (picture)’ which is the succeeding model of ‘R300 Series’ to domestic market.

Having three types (330cc, 350cc, 400cc) of head sizes, ‘R500 Series’ increased the distance significantly by raising a repulsive force of head face. Also, it has the superior direction correction even though it doesn’t set to a center. Unlike Callaway, TaylorMade agreed to the supply contract with Korea pro golfers including Park Se-Ri, Choi Kyung-Ju and Park Do-Gyu and has been targeting for domestic market positively.

Asserting the excellent distance and direction, ‘BIG 2’ have similar price for their products. GBBⅡ+ is priced at 830,000 won and R500 Series is priced at 840,000 won.

Korea is ‘the small size of international golf club market. Accordingly, the related companies have been interested in the result of ‘BIG2’ confrontation in Korea, because they can realize a success and failure of the international market.

Young-Sik Ahn ysahn@donga.com