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Memorial Service for the First Anniversary of the 9.11 Terror at the Ground Zero in New York.

Memorial Service for the First Anniversary of the 9.11 Terror at the Ground Zero in New York.

Posted September. 11, 2002 23:23,   


The 11th when is the first anniversary of the shocking 9.11 terror.

The citizens of New York in America spent yet another sleepless night and faced that morning. Although the American Government thoroughly searched for the terrorists using all of its intelligence and military power from the jungles of the Philippines to the Torabora Cave in northeast Afghanistan, peace is yet to come.

A war that the enemy cannot be seen. The enemy is not anywhere, and is everywhere. The war was suddenly started against the enemy with no hanging banners and uniforms, and it continues.

The Vice President Dick Cheney took shelter in a safe house since the 8th to command the Shadow Government, which has been being operated in a secret bunker outside of Washington in emergency.

Sorrow, anger, mistrust, and fear became routine of the New Yorkers. They are watching a plane if it is flying low until it is gone beyond horizon, and they wear rubber gloves whenever they receive mail.

The American Government raised the terror watch alert one level to ‘code orange’ on the 10th, and strengthen the watch in major cities including Washington by placing ground-to-air missiles. ‘Code orange’ is the second highest step out of the 5 emergency watch alert steps, and it is announced when there is a ‘serious danger.’

However, the terror watch alert even incites the fear of terror. The President George Bush visited the Afghan Embassy in Washington on the 10th and expressed his will again to eliminate the Iraqi President Sadam Hussein. To prepare for attacking Iraq, the carrier Nassau, which was in Spain, left for the Indian Ocean on the 10th.

However, will the war against terror be over if the President Hussein is eliminated? If not, when will this war be over? It is a psychological warfare. Anxiety and fear are what the enemy wants. Therefore, the New Yorkers and the American citizens determined not to give up to the threat of terror.

The President Bush said this day was, “day of tears, day of prayers, and day of determination.”