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Romantic Dinner in “The Food Paradise”

Posted September. 11, 2002 23:20,   


The cheapest way is to take “Stopover Splendour Package” offered by Singapore Airlines (SIA). You have to change flights in a third country, but hotel rates begin with US$1. So I tried this package myself.

The first thing you have to do is to visit SIA stopover counter on the first floor at Changi International Airport in Singapore to get vouchers. All you have to do is to present the receipt issued by SIA branch office in Seoul. Then the counter clerk will give you a bundle of vouchers after checking your flight reservation. The bundle of vouchers includes airport hotel return transfers, discounted hotel rates and downtown tour and travel on SIA Hop-on Bus.

Since the hotel offered by the US$1 package (category A; $1 for first day and $28 for second day) is located far from downtown areas, I made a reservation at a hotel near the downtown, which costs $8 for a night stay (category B). For a two-nights stay, you have to pay $46 ($8 for first and $38 for second day).

Crown Prince Hotel where I stayed is located in the midst of Orchard Road at the center of the city. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the hotel from the airport. Staying at the hotel located at the heart of the city, I didn’t have to travel far to find restaurants and visit tourist attractions. Across the street, a shopping center called Dakashiyama has a food court as well as a subway station on the first basement level.

The food court called “Hawker Center” is lined with stylish restaurants where you can taste every kind of ethnic food found only in Singapore, the “Food Paradise,” from Chinese and Malaysian to Indonesian and Indian dishes. People choose their favorites and bring the dishes to a table to share them with their friends. The scene reflects life in Singapore, a country known for ethnic diversity and harmony. You can watch how food is cooked, which helps you make your choice.

There are a wide variety of choices, indeed, from Japanese noodles and pork cutlets to Italian pastas. Disserts, including tropical drink, also vary. It costs about 5 to 10 Singapore dollars to have a meal, and the place is open until 9:00 p. m. If you plan a two-nights stay, you don’t have to worry about what and where to eat. I took the SIA Hop-on Bus whenever I went to downtown areas. The bus stops at 18 spots mostly located near the hotels offered in Stopover Package.

There are lots of places you can visit and have good time with little money - Suntech City Mall, the largest shopping mall in Singapore where people enjoy shopping and food, a city park where the Statue of Mulion, the symbol of the country, stands, Boat Key, a romantic restaurant floating along the river, Botanic Garden filled with exotic tropical plants and flowers, Little India where ethnic Indians are populated and Repples Hotel famous for the Long Bar where Singapore Sling cocktail was first born. You will get a 25 discount on entrance fees when you visit Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park and Sentosa Isle.

◇SIA Stopover Packages = Splendour and Holiday. Twin-share on a person basis. From 1 September 2001 to 30 September. ◇SQ15 Flight Package = Departs at 7:45 p.m. every night. Free first night stay except for Saturday. From 1 September 2001 to 30 September. ◇NSE (New Singaporean Express) = Cost-saving package. Two-nights stay (breakfast offered) and airport-hotel shuttle bus service. Starts from 578,400 won. A 85 Singapore dollar tour option for Night Safari and two other tourist attractions. From 1 September 2001 to 31 October. ◇For further inquires and reservation, call 02-755-1226 or visit Website (www.singaporeair.com/kr).