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A Professor Beat Students who didn’t speak English

Posted September. 10, 2002 23:12,   


A professor beat students who are in the doctor’s course because they didn’t speak English in a training meeting, in the heart of a boom of English lecture at University.

Including Ahn Jae-San who is in the doctor’s course, in Precision Manufacturing System Laboratory, Mechatronics Department, Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology, six graduate students opened that their professor beat and abused them habitually to public on September 10. These students requested to take measures and transfer the laboratory to the school. However, the school hasn’t made progress and so they presented a petition to the presidential office and the ministry of Science and Technology.

Students said that Professor Lee suggested communicating in English in the training meeting with 8 students in master’s degree and doctor’s course on July 4. However, Professor Lee Spoke Korean sometimes and some students spoke Korean while having a fun time with soccer play and swimming. Students asserted “ “Returned to a room at 11 O’clock p.m.. Professor Lee called students who spoke Korean and kick them and punched them on stomach.”

They insisted, “Professor Lee often beat and abused students. He hit students who didn’t work for a venture company of Gwangju recommended by him in the face for 20 minutes.”

The official of Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology said, “Professor Lee accepted the above facts. He was discharged from a head of the department and a disciplinary measure has been in progress.”