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I`m the Best in Decorating Avatar Characters.

Posted September. 10, 2002 23:12,   


Many people are using avatar characters. There are a lot of reasons: Vicarious satisfaction, desire to change themselves though in the cyber world, and desire to be a star. Now avatar is in the heyday on the Internet.

Though in cyber space, there are economic activities taking place. In the second-hand shop, used avatar items are sold for 10-50 percent off prices. Even in off-season, there are bargain sales. Even though you cannot touch avatar items, there are “reasonable prices.” Internet users who care for their avatars with zeal generally spend 5,000-10,000 won on their avatar characters every month. Some kids spend a lot of money on them unknowingly, because the money is included in their cell phone bills.

Let’s get some tips on caring for avatar characters from three best avatar users chosen by freechal and naver, Internet portal sites.

Ñ Gill Jin-hong (26, Daum community manager) = I started to take interest in avatar last year. I “take care of” my avatar every two weeks. Lately I bought a background scene called “cheering onlookers” and I made my avatar take off all clothes.

There are even some ways to cement your friendship through avatar. For instance, you can give your friends painter’s clothes, sketchbooks or brushes for their avatars for a gift. Sometimes I get gifts for my avatar character. Though the gift is small, it really makes me happy.

Some people are really lost in avatar and spend too much money on it. But it is not good that you just dress your avatar character in expensive clothes so often. Rather, you can use your own sense of fashion and try it on your avatar. You can find cheap but good clothes.

Ñ Chu Yeong-ju (26, advertising agency Owelcom) = When I play games, I often put my avatar character on the screen. It is an opportunity for you to become a star. A few days ago, my avatar was like Lee Na-yeong, main character in a popular MBC drama. Of course, I dressed my boy friend’ one like Yang Dong-geun, boy friend of Lee Na-yeong in the drama.

I dress my avatar character in new clothes twice a month, and whenever I do, I change her hairstyle and accessories.

And sometimes I keep the used clothes, and sometimes sell to second-hand shops.

It is good to make a list of what you want to buy for your avatar character. When your friends have to give you a gift, they can choose from the list. Or when you money to spare, look at the list and buy one item.

You had better shop during bargain sale periods at shopping malls for avatars items like at off-line department stores. It is also good to get premium service provided by Hangame. If you pay 3,000 won a month, you can play game without limitation and you can get an avatar character for free and buy another one for 20 % off price.

Ñ Ma Chang-yeol (25, printer) = I used avatar for more than one year. I feel confident when I use my avatar character in Freechal community. I feel happier all the more when I decorate it.

When you shopping, first think about whether the new clothes are good for your avatar, then buy them. If people say that the clothes does not suit your avatar, then coordinate the clothes with other items that you already have. If you pay Freechal 10,000 won, you can have full service for one year. The program is good for those who often change their avatar characters.

Im-Sook Ha artemes@donga.com