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A Wife Has Abused Her Husband for 20 Years Saying “He Had Low Income.”

A Wife Has Abused Her Husband for 20 Years Saying “He Had Low Income.”

Posted September. 08, 2002 23:55,   


A middle aged head of a family, who graduated from a prestige university and worked as an officer in a larger corporation, won a divorce law suit against his wife, who had criticized him saying, “You are incompetent,” and asked only money, and finally liquidated his 20 some years of unhappy marriage.

Mr. A got married in 1979, while he was working for a large corporation, to Mrs. B(47) and had a son and a daughter. Although Mr. A gave all his salary to his wife and lived with allowance since honeymoon, but the dissatisfaction of the wife was not fulfilled.

Mrs. B compared with her friends and complained, “We cannot live in a luxurious apartment in Gangnam, Seoul,” and Mr. A insisted that she illustrated him as an impotent at an alumni outing. She started to mistreat her in-laws and refused to sleep with Mr. A saying, “you smell bad,” and did not even prepare meals nor do laundry for him.

Mr. A lost his position between his wife, who treated him as a moneymaking machine, and his children, who neglected the authority of the head of the family. Mr. A started to spin free like dating with a divorcee.

Although he bought her wife a luxurious apartment in Gangnam that she wanted to have so much in 2000, their marriage was ruined already. He transferred the ownership of the apartment to his wife as she wanted and filed the divorce lawsuit.

A Judge of the Seoul Family Court, Hong Ee-pyo said on the 8th that he decided the plaintiff won the case saying, “I recognized the wife’s responsibility that she recognized her husband only as a money maker, forced him to make more money, and showed insulting remarks and actions.

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