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Verification of Einstein’s Theory: Speed of Gravity = Speed of Light

Verification of Einstein’s Theory: Speed of Gravity = Speed of Light

Posted September. 08, 2002 23:53,   


For the first time in the history of astronomy, an observation will be conducted to measure the “speed of gravity” in order to verify Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

On September 6, 2002, Internet BBC reported that US National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) would attempt to measure the speed of gravity by connecting radio telescopes in Virgin Islands, Hawaii and Germany.

The theory says that the reason the universe and the mass pull each other is from the work of gravity. Einstein assumes that the speed of gravity and that of light are equal. But it is yet to be proved.

A Russian astronomer at Columbia Univ. has put out an idea that it is possible to prove the Theory of Relativity by measuring the speed of gravity on Sep. 8th when the Earth, quasa that emits huge volume of radio, and the Jupiter lie on a lie. At the very moment of the straight alignment, the gravity field of Jupiter whose mass is heavier than the quasa would bend the radio from the quasa to the Earth. By figuring out how the radio bends, astronomers can infer the speed of gravity.

The Russian astronomer said, “By this observation, we expect to prove the Theory of Gravity, which assumes the speed of gravity and that of light are equal.” To conduct the experiment, it is necessary that the observation should be performed with an error of less than 3/1 billion degree. But scientists have developed a device 100 times more accurate than required. The result of that observation will be published in 2 months.

One NRAO researcher predicted, “If it should be proved that the speed of gravity is faster than that of light, the whole Theory of Relativity would collapse.”

In 1916, Einstein proposed a new concept of “gravity field,” and announced the Theory of Relativity under which the gravity field created by mass transforms the structure of space and time.