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Digital Camera ‘All-Round Talent’

Posted September. 08, 2002 23:52,   


Park, Jong-Hee an office worker has a good time to manage the homepage of his son who is in the third year at elementary school.

Mr. Park bought a digital camera of 2,000,000 Pixel for 400,000 won last year. He took a picture and put it in the homepage. He sent pictures of his son’s birthday party to son’s friends and so became a popular father in his neighborhood.

These days, people who don’t have the digital camera have been treated as people behind technology.

The digital camera can be used as the all round home information equipment such as the digital memo pad, MP3 player, Camcorder, etc. The thumb-sized digital camera can take pictures of the professional photographer’s level. There is the digital camera used with a simple voice recording, instead of the memo pad.

▽ Digital Camera as Memo Pad 〓 Park Yu-Jin(24), the mania of digital camera has her own memo habit. When she writes a newspaper article, telephone number, book and music record’s title rapidly, she uses the picture taking with the digital camera instead of a handbook.

She takes the business cards and collects them with a picture file. Also, she takes the picture of clothes, shoes, accessories and café with camera.

Ms. Park said “It is convenient to leave all documents and business cards in memo by using the digital camera as the memo pad.”

▽ All-Round Digital Camera 〓 Jeong Jun-gi (32) who saw an exhibition held in Taiwan lately, sent pictures of the exhibition to an office directly, he sent pictures through E-mail by connecting only memory card of the digital camera because the exhibition hall has the PC with Internet. Owing to the digital camera, he could significantly reduce a period when the company receives the exhibition pictures.

Memory card for digital camera can be used as a portable storage which can store the document or image if required in the urgent situations.

To see pictures taken by an analog camera with a slide, there must be the other film. However, pictures taken by digital camera can be seen with slides any time. It is the method to see the slides through TV screen by connecting the camera to TV.

▽ Getting Smaller and Smaller 〓 Lee Sun-Young (25) who is working in Dcinside, bought ‘eyeplate’, 300,000 pixel digital camera of fuji film two months ago. It is a size of a business card case with 38g. She always takes it like cosmetics into a bag.

DSC-P9 of Sony is a size of mobile phone as 4,000,000 Pixel digital camera. It can continue to take 16 pictures by pressing a button once. Sony will produce the thumb-sized 1,300,000 Pixel ‘Cyber Shot U10’ in November. There are C40 Zoom of 10,000 Pixel, 4,000,000 Pixel C40 Zoom of Olympus, 2,110,000 Pixel Exillim EX-S2 of Cassio and 350,000 Pixel D-Snap SV-AV10 of Panasonic as a super-mini model.

▽ I am Professional Photographer 〓 The high performance products of 4,000,000 pixel have been launched in a market. 4,000,000 Pixel C4000 Zoom of Olympus has the stable quality even though it outputs with a paper size of 16 pages. Fujifilm FinePix F401 Zoom’ can record the image for 8 minutes and voice for 30 seconds. 4,000,000 Pixel ‘Digimax 410’ of Samsung Techwin is an excellent camera of 650,000 won. Panasonic and Sony will show 5,120,000 pixel cybershot DCS-F717 and 4,130,000 pixel ‘DMC-LC5’ which has the LEICA lens of Germany respectively.

Kim Yu-sik, the CEO of Digital-in-side said “Optical zoom has a stable quality because an actual lens adjusts a distance. But, people must consider because the digital zoom is the method to magnify an image when selecting the camera”.

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