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[Editorial] All the More Beautiful Society Due to Volunteers

[Editorial] All the More Beautiful Society Due to Volunteers

Posted September. 05, 2002 22:18,   


Flood victims smarting from flood damages are getting on their feet like a roly-poly. They are toiling, taking out and cleaning personal possessions from their typhoon-battered houses and setting crops brought down by the typhoon upright. They are also cooperating each other to build a temporary bridge to connect to isolated villages.

They put forth all their strength to recover, though with a reproachful look at the sky.

Property damage and casualties are increasing as what were like islands on the continent because of collapsed roads and communications cut-off are reporting damages. However, many people are give encouragement to those victims trying to stand on their feet.

Our neighbors are seen helping those sufferers. They are volunteers. Setting aside their business, they came to typhoon-battered areas to lend a hand. They make hopes sprout in the victims’ mind. In areas hit hard such as Gangneung and Gimcheon, thousands of volunteers are rolling up their sleeves and practice “love of sharing.”

Our heads go down at the news that a college student visited a public welfare center in Gimcheon and asked to send him to the typhoon-ravaged areas, saying the classes he cut could be supplemented later but rescue and repair operations are very urgent. He was said to have come there carrying a backpack with a load of food and clothes for a week in it. Even high school students came out to join the volunteer work. We, grown-ups, feel ashamed that we are doing nothing other than watching TV and sympathizing with the victims’ grief.

We feel reassured looking at rescue workers from Red Cross carrying relief supplies. Public servants, soldiers and policemen who themselves are victims of this disaster are joining the repair job for the public good. They are really beautiful people helping neighbors in trouble and promising the outlook for a brighter future. We send applause to them.

It is people’s love that breathes hopes into the victims’ mind and makes the society more beautiful. It is the time for people who are not affected by the typhoon to share what they have and practice love.