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Incompatibility between Wireless LAN and Microwave Oven

Posted September. 04, 2002 22:20,   


“Don’t use wireless LAN near a microwave oven” Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) announced ‘Usage Guide for Wireless LAN’ to reduce the interference of an electronic wave as wireless LAN is used generally.

According to the guide, △ when using electronic ranger within 5 meters, don’t use wireless LAN △ if possible, don’t use wireless LAN in the place plasma lights used. If wireless LAN is used concurrently with electronic ranger or plasma lights, it makes the interference of electronic wave because they use same wave of 2,400-2,4835 GHz.

Wireless equipment and computer periphery applying Blue Tooth that is a wireless transferring technology also need to avoid using within 5meters of wireless LAN. However, lights, refrigerator, plasma television don’t make any problems because they don’t use electronic wave. MIC forced wireless high-speed Internet companies to unify the ID of AP and open it such as KT, Hanaro Communication and others.

Kim Myung-rung, senior officer for Electronic Wave Supervisory of MIC commented “ISM of wireless LAN is open to industry, science, medical and others without license, so the interference of electronic wave will increase as the number of wireless LAN users increase.”

Tae-Han Kim freewill@donga.com