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Hidink, Who Gave Us Hope, He Is Back.

Posted September. 04, 2002 22:22,   


The former manager of the Korean National Football team Guss Hidink (56), so called “Santa Claus from the Netherlands”, who led the legend of World Cup quarter final of Korea, came to Korea in about two months.

Manager Hidink, who currently is the manager of the PSV Einthoven of the Netherlands, entered the country through the Inchon Airport with his girl friend Elizabeth.

He waved to the fans and greeted them by putting his thumb up. He shook hands with officials from the Korean Football Association and joked to the reporters since there were heated reporting competition, “Nothing has been changed,” and said “thank you for the warm welcome.”

Manager Hidink is planning to leave the country on the 8th after contracting the technical advisor job with the Korean Football Association (6th), visit to the South North Reunification Football Game (7th), and contracting CF deals.

The following is the questions and answers with Manager Hidink.

- You’re back in two months…

“I’m happy like I’m home. But I was said after hearing the news that the recent typhoon damaged people. I’d like to contribute in any way.”

-How have you been?

“I had a difficult time to adjust to a new life in the Netherlands. It seems like the aftermath of my most wonderful experience was huge. I am myself now.”

- How do you feel about watching the South North Reunification Football Game?

“It is very historical thing. The power of football is big. Football helps people to get together and live a peaceful life. This Reunification Football game will help for both sides to maintain good relationships.”

- How they evaluate Korea in Europe?

“The power of the World Cup was huge. The whole Europe seemed to shock about the wonderful plays that Korean team showed during the World Cup and passionate yet orderly cheering of the Korean fans. Everybody that I meet in Europe said, ‘we got the biggest enjoyment of the World Cup through Korea.”

- About the Korean team, which is facing the Asian Games…

“The Korean Football faced a new era through the Asian Games. Young players should gather some good experiences in the Asian Games. In that way, it will grow to a stronger team in 2004 and 2006.”

- Korean players are having problems to go to Europe…

“I’m continually thinking of the development of the Korean Football. I will try to help as the technical advisor.”

- Is there a chance for you to come back as the manager of the Korean Football in two years?

“There is plenty of time left. How can we predict the future? No one knows how the situation will change.”

Jong-Koo Yang yjongk@donga.com