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The Whole Country Is In Emergency Situation of Circulation of Goods

The Whole Country Is In Emergency Situation of Circulation of Goods

Posted September. 02, 2002 22:26,   


The total number of deaths and missing people, caused by the Typhoon Lusa, has been increased to 198, and the damages keep increasing such as 67,800 victims in 23,700 households has been totaled so far.

The casualties like this are the third most following the Typhoon Sara (849) in 1959 and the Typhoon Selma (345) in 1987.

As a result of the counting by our reporting team until 5pm on the 2nd, total of 120 were dead and 78 were missing in the nation including 63 deaths and 52 missing in Gangwon-Do only. And 23,000 houses and buildings and 81,000 ha of farmlands have been damaged.

The Central Disaster Control Center said, “It has been confirmed that as of 3pm on the 2nd that there were 158 casualties including 88 deaths and 70 missing,” and “it will be even more increased after the survey of the areas, where the survey is delayed due to cut off of communication and traffic, is done.”

The size of the damage according to the Disaster Control Center is 310 billion won including 27,400 victims in 12,700 households, 17,000 buildings have been flooded, and 41,000ha of farmlands have been flooded.

And 610,000 people in 158,000 households in the country are receiving emergency water supply services by fire engines and water supply vehicles, and the repairs of 190 bridges out of 260 damaged bridges and 310 irrigation facilities out of 320 damaged irrigation facilities are being delayed.

In case of railroads, total of 10 lines including the Yeongdong line and Jungsun line are blocked, and the traffic of 67 roads in 103 areas in the country is blocked.

Total of 106 schools including 62 schools in most flooded areas such as Gangreung in Gangwon and Donghae, 38 schools in Gimchon and Chongsong in Gyungbook, 6 schools in Yongdong and Okchon in Chungbook have been closed.

Meanwhile the Office of Manpower Administration decided to postpone the enlistment and calling up for listed people in the flooded areas.

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