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Global Company “To China of A Talent Bank

Posted August. 29, 2002 22:30,   


Wages of high-educated people who received a decree from university in China are 10~50% of US, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Taking advantage of the advantageous terms, Motorola, which advanced into China market 10 years ago, hired 1060 Chinese engineers and researchers in China. Motorola will increase total employees to 5000 people until 2006. Intel, Sony and Micro soft have concentrated on the hiring of natives late.

Such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, Asian companies are full of activities. The clothes company advanced into China in 1989, Chanko International Group, Hong Kong hired 20 Chinese native designers at the wage of 220 dollars per month. The wage cannot be compared with the average wage of 1,285 dollars of one designer in Hong Kong. Vital Biotech, a medical parts company of Hong Kong advanced to China, hired 40 Chinese researchers who received a doctor’s degree at the wage of 970 dollars per month, the wage level of simple employees.

Why the foreign companies started to hire the natives late is because there were not many high-educated people in China. In 1978, there was only 9 high-educated people who received a master degree are just 9 person in China. It was because there was ‘Cultural Revolution’ for purging the highly educated people.

In 1978, the Chinese government revived an examination system based on Studying Ability. To cultivate the high-educated people of the international level, Curriculum of a college was rearranged.

Most of universities in China have taken the course of computer engineering as the curriculum. Also, college students can hardly graduate if they don’t have a good foundation in English and economy regardless of a major. Chenwu, the president of Ali Cope, the computer chip design company of Taiwan evaluated “The level of Chinese high-educated people is same as people who are educated in Taiwan. They have held a dominant position in a labor market. “

The investigation of Boston University US forecasted that total Chinese graduate students would increase to 400000 students within coming 20 years. It is the level similar to total US graduate students (first place in the world).

Forbes analyzed “As the foreign companies which have advanced into China market have increased, there will be keen competition between companies in high-educated people. Depending on how Chinese high-educated people will be attracted continuously, the foreign companies will succeed or fail in a human resource management.”

Jung-Ahn Kim credo@donga.com