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Hong, Myung-Bo’s Joining the LA Galaxy Seems To Be Vanished

Hong, Myung-Bo’s Joining the LA Galaxy Seems To Be Vanished

Posted August. 28, 2002 22:04,   


The negotiation for Hong, Myung-Bo’s (33. Pohang Steelers) joining the American Pro Soccer LA Galaxy was broken down because the Pohang Ball Club and the Galaxy could not narrow their different ideas.

The Secretary of Pohang Ball Club Hwang, In-Guk said, “We negotiated with the Galaxy about transferring Hong, Myung-Bo; however, it was broken down because they kept insisting to give not anymore than 200 thousand dollars as a transferring fee,” and “we did not make an appointment for renegotiation, either.”

At the negotiation held at the conference room in the POSCO Human Resource Center in Pohang at 9 o’clock in the morning, the General Manager Han, Myung-Hui, the Secretary Hwang, In-Guk, and the Manager Choi, Soon-Ho participated as Pohang’s representatives, and the Manager Duck Hamilton and the Secretary of the US MLS Ivan Gazidis attended as the Galaxy’s representatives.

The Manager Choi, Soon-Ho explained about the break down of the negotiation, “There was slim chance of negotiation because the Galaxy set the transferring fee at 200 thousand dollars and insisted not to raise anymore,” and “although the Galaxy offered other conditions than the transferring fee such as exchange matches, it was not for Pohang to be interested in.”

In the meantime, Hong, Myung-Bo said, “Although I have not been yet informed in detail, it is a matter between clubs, so I think I have to accept it if the negotiation was broken down.”