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CNS Development and Installation Boom for Imported Cars

Posted August. 26, 2002 22:11,   


Domestic companies of imported cars have started to fix Car Navigation System (CNS).

‘Car Navigation System’ is referred to as the system which drivers can obtain various information related to car movement and can confirm the car location through small monitor installed in car.

TOYOTA MOTOR KOREA said that it would fix the 3D CNS for the first time to Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) RX300 P Grade 2003. It made a partnership with HYUNDAI AUTONET last September and developed this system with 0.7 billion of development expense.

Installing the CNS (Model name HNS-8000TD) of HYUNDAI AUTONET, RX300 will be sold from next month. This car is priced at 65.8 million won (including VAT).

TOYOTA MOTOR KOREA and HYUNDAI AUTONET are discussing each other to extend to other vehicles except CNS RX300.

Other companies have started to introduce CNS actively and positively.

So far, domestic imported cars companies haven’t used CNS because there is no Korean map information software despite small monitor in car.

Importing and selling the Mercedes-Benz, HANSUNG MOTOR is currently discussing with Mercedes-Benz head-office in Germany to fix CNS to Benz luxury model.

HANSUNG MOTOR official said “We worry whether the Germany head office will develop the Korean map software or the domestic CNS company will be assigned. We are looking for NCS with suitable technology and functions for Benz.” BMW KOREA has been contacting with the domestic production companies after deciding to use the developed CNS. HANSUNG MOTOR official said “CNS development with Korean map information must be assigned to domestic companies. Started in “RX300, we will plan to capture the CNS market of domestic imported cars positively.” Hideaki Yasuno, the president of TOYOTA MOTOR KOREA said “If the imported car has the CNS with the Korean map information, the localization level of the imported car companies will be raised one more step.”

Ho-Won Choi bestiger@donga.com