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More Jealous Whose Feet and Hands Are Out of Symmetry

Posted August. 25, 2002 22:24,   


A report concluded that a person whose feet and hands are different in size is more likely to become jealous when dating.

Canadian Doctor William Brown and his team reported that a person is more jealous in character if the person’s organs like feet and hands that should show symmetry do not show symmetry.

The team has conducted a research on 50 males and females who are not homosexual. The subjects were asked about their jealousy in dating after their symmetrical organs like ears, feet and hands were measured. And the team has found out a strong correlation between them.

Doctor Brown announced, “The lack of symmetry occurs due to the unbalance of hormones when a baby is in the womb. Thus, the baby is born with unbalanced pair of feet or hands, or develops the unbalanced pair as (s)he grows up.” Brown’s team also measured whether the subjects also showed strong jealousness in other fields. But they only showed outstanding jealousy with their lovers.

Dr. Brown explained that the finding supports a previous research which concludes that people lacking symmetry are less attractive. In the past research, it is found that a person whose one hand is bigger than the other is less attractive to people of opposite sex, less reproductive, and less healthy. In other words, since they are less attractive, they are more agitated and get more severe in jealousy.

Dr. Brown added, “If evoking jealousy is a strategy to hold a lover, the jealousy will be stronger in people who plays around.”

This research result was announced in the latest copy of New Scientist.

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